Missed Connections, Part 3

You’ve read about my “missed connection” post on Craigslist which worked. Poorly.

And then you read about two more that didn’t “work” at all, even though the girls I was looking for did email me.

So how about a MC post that someone wrote about me?

Finally, right? It only took, what, four years? During much of that time I wasn’t reading MCs because I realized that despite my initial optimism, posts about me weren’t going to pop up all over the place. But I would - and do - still check the MC section occasionally. A huge number of people are reading and posting on CL, so on any given day that could easily include someone who happened to check you out. I have no way to guess at CL’s total readership but based on the quantity of different girls who’ve written to me over the years, with very few duplicates (that is, same respondent to different ads at different times) it must be considerable.

But anyway, after a couple of successful (cough) MC posts of my own, plus my feverish monitoring of w4m MCs when I first discovered Craigslist, maybe I developed a slight sense of real-life situations that are likely to result in someone posting a missed connection. Because one day in January I checked the site as soon as I got home from work and found a post that was clearly about me.

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